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Here is some of the story behind how we happened to join up with Velocity
off road. The owner of Velocity has been a very close friend of mine for years.
Years ago we worked at Trail ready/road armor together. Well the guy he had
running Velocity (not really a nice way to put it) up and quit one day and really
did no one any favors and I will leave it at that. Chris had very few options.
One of them was to move production to China……Needless to say once I heard that
I started looking for other options. I spent a few years of my life in Detroit
and I have seen more than my share of jobs o overseas. If I can do anything
about it we won’t lose another one. Well Long story just a bit shorter I ended
up squeezing a few pennies together and selling a few things and now The Art of
War has another income stream. Well once we get back our market share and get
our dealers to trust us again.

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