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My name is Brian Paulus and I am the owner/operator of ImaginationFabrication. I started this company years ago for two main reasons;


1. I love fabrication and creating things out of metal that will stand the test of time. This is my passion and the grounding I use to stay as sane as possible.


2. I want to have the opportunity to give back to the community and my brothers and sisters in the Military. IF is a proud sponsor of The Art of War www.theartofwarusa.com and it is an integral part of our shop. The shop is not only open to our war veterans to make art and do projects of their choosing. When a job calls for more muscle than just me, then I try to pick out of the war veterans that are in need of extra money that also possess the skill set that fits that specific job.


You may be asking yourself why profit is not one of my top reasons for starting Imagination Fabrication. I have spent the better part of the last 6 years in Iraq and Afghanistan as both a Navy Sea Bee and a contractor for the Army. I have made everything from BBQ’s for the welfare of our troops to custom armored vehicles for the Special Forces. My focus the last several years was rebuilding Stryker vehicles in theater after they had been hit by IED’s or other compromising devices. This takes a high degree of skill and knowledge because welding armor is different than welding normal mild steel. It also takes a very high degree of fit and fabrication experience as the Stryker vehicle is usually twisted and manipulated far from original, and needs to be rebuilt to original specifications. When a soldier’s life is on the line, attention to detail is an absolute must. Giving back to the soldiers that kept me alive is more important to me then early retirement or living in a mansion and this will show in our bids and hourly rates.


I have also spent years working for companies like Genie Industries a man lift manufacture and, Trail Ready an off road fabrication company that makes bumpers, beadlocks and other 4×4 custom items.


I have had extensive training in lean manufacturing and can help you with JIT systems along with eliminating waste by customizing your delivery systems.

Give me a call to see how I can create something to solve your issues

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